Sunday, February 8, 2015

Where It All Began

This ladies and gentlemen is where it all began. Where my mom grew up
A lot more houses here now, according to my uncle
Dramatic side shot
The fourth window up? I think?
I took a lot of pics today 😉
Ok we walked around back and this is the playground I've heard a lot of stories about
It's apparently not changed much according to Friedel
I can visualize a lot better now that I've seen this 
The stairs down here
The back veiw of the apartment 
More dramatic side shots 
And one more drama- I'm kidding I was cold and in the car and didn't wanna get out of the car....


  1. Ahh yes the fun and drama we had and a lot more space to the right of the apartments we had a horse riding complex and fields, to the left more fields and small houses with gardens. The farmers where behind us we could buy eggs and milk it was always fun to go and buy eggs. We also had the winter camp of the local circus back behind us right alongside the Berlin wall. We could see the death-strip the control towers and the guard dogs

  2. Wow Storm and Iris! long since you lived there?

    1. Hi Sheila I lived there in the early seventies, living there definitely had a country feeling for living in a metropolitan.
      these poor farmers had a lo of kid running through their fields and creating corn mazes. I can feel for them now, but I am sure they sold for a pretty good price :)

    2. Yes..we played in the fields around the bases we lived on in Germany..made teepees in the wheat fields, etc. Bad children. These photos are great..Fun watching Storm visit your old "stomping grounds"!