Friday, February 6, 2015

The Arboretum

An Arborterum is basically..... A tree museum. Or a tree zoo. They have different trees and they're all labeled. It was about a 6km walk from Dreetz. 
Welcome in!
I had to retake this pic 4 times because the lighting was awful 
This is really interesting and there's pictures of the inside down there ⬇️
The rest of the buildings 
I guess this is an owl in a tree?
Janni the adventurer 
A giant hand holding a pear. Because why not?
Fruit trees! That's what the giant hand and pear was trying to explain 
I just liked this picture 
See each one has a sign... This ones a Hiba Living Tree
And this ones a Common Mahonie
You are about to see... The glory... That is... The Aboretum 
Presenting the left wall
The center (ft. Janni)
The right wall
And the awesome as heck ceiling 
And the bar?
And the cool floors 
This is outside again... This is like a little stage
Slightly better picture of the said stage
And also a carving if an eagle!


  1. Very interesting place! More wood sculptures! The tree/owl one looks like a Totem pole. The Common Mahonie is a Holly bush..grape holly it looks like. Also known in English (or it's Latin name, probably) as Common Mahonia. Has a pretty cluster of yellow flowers. I love your exploration of the town..and the pics in the snow make me COLD!

  2. I love the building and think we found something to build when you get back home!