Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inspirational Window

So normally I don't look at these windows... Because there's mirrors normally in all the windows and I've seen so many movies that I keep thinking if I look into these window/mirrors I'll see a different face looking back out. But this time I realized someone put this sign in the last window...
Work - as if you (they out "j"s for all the "y"s) don't need money,

Sing - as if no one listens,

Love - as if no one can hurt you,

Dance - as if no one looks,

Live - as if paradise is on earth.


  1. Maybe you should offer to correct the sign but a good motto to live by

  2. Words to live by. . . .Write as if you don't care if people will read.

  3. Spell as if you could care less how it's spelled! B|

  4. Darn it! My emoticon doesn't take on Blogger! *SMILE*

  5. I love the story about the mirrors! Someone is having fun with those windows.