Friday, March 27, 2015


Dreams are pretty crazy. Most have some kind of meaning. Dreaming about looking for shoes? Means you're trying to find your way in life. Dreaming about a swimming pool filled with chocolate pudding and infested with polar bears and you have to cross it to get your shoes you forgot? I have no idea, let me know when you decipher that one...

Some dreams are just about weird things like watching tv or looking for childhood friends in a swamp and it turns out all of you are actually in a secret group that defends baby ducks. Some dreams are violent like a dream about having a army of zombies that take over villages and burn them to ground while you watch and laugh. While others are about picking flowers for a tea party at a castle you were invited too. And some are awful and you wake up worried and missing someone or something. 
Below are pictures of my dog. Yes, I know, she's adorable. Chiana (or Chi or Cheech or Chichi) is a Pitbul/Great Dane cross. Last night I had a dream someone tried to kill her by locking her in a van and pushing the van in a frozen lake. To be honest this quiet upset me.  Actually after getting my baby out of the van and drying her off, I ended up fighting with then stabbing the woman who tried to kill her and had been killing dogs for the last few weeks. In my defense she attacked me first with a toaster oven. 
So basically this is a "I miss my dog" post  and my family should hug her for me and give her like 2689643 treats.
Post bath doggie close up
Wiggle-bunny can't take a pic
Seriously she moves so much I only have like 2 good pics of her.

Wildy wiggling and nose licking

And that's all folks

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I have a cold,
It's getting old,
Can't breath out my nose,
It probably shows,
But I don't care,
It's pretty important this thing called air.

Except I don't look this cute 
Basically yeah
New invention 
*dying whale sounds* 
Yeah it's true 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Animal Park, Besançon

So in the Citadel of Besançon there is an Ankmal Park... Something like a zoo but smaller and with more, well... Park. There are also museums here but we only had time to visit the animal related ones
This is Boris, he is from the Animal Park and died in 2012, he has been put on display in the evolution room
This is some kind of horror bird that apparently is native to America. Or Central America... I forget... But either way. It's terrifying. WHAT BIRD HAS THAT BIG OF A MOUTH AND EYES. IT COULD EAT MY SOUL. Ok it's kind of cute... It is called a Giant Potoo in English and a Ibijau Geant in French... It is a nocturnal bird and eats large beetles and sometimes even bats.
Lionslionslions! Big sis is teaching lil bro how to fight 
I want 6...
Oh snap Dad just yelled at them 
This is Dad... He ate 2 of his children last year so he is separated from his kids now.... Sounds like a good plan to me
Ok I love tigers with all my being... They're my absolute favorite... My birthday is coming up so if someone wants to give me a tiger cub... That's probably illegal, I would love to but I don't want to go I jail
I took a lot of pictures, unfortunate they're all kinda far away
I swear she was posing and looking right at me 
This is an unphotogenic kangaroo 
One of the veiws from the wall around the citadel 
A veiw across the citadel and the mountains past them... Kinda dark but still recognizable. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Besançon..... Besançon (pronounced bay-son-son.... Again with a French accent) is one if the prettiest cities I've ever seen. I don't have pictures just yet, but I'll get some soon. It's not a city like New York or Berlin. Even the old part of Berlin doesn't really compare to Besançon. Besançon is old. Very very old. Like 1700 old. Even the "new part" (atleast what I have seen) is still pretty old. The oldest and prettiest part of the city is where all the students live. Besançon is a city full of university's and colleges. If I could speak even a lick of French I'd study here in a heartbeat. The old part of town is kind of like a catacomb.... Tall buildings left and right and small (so small only one car at a time fits down it) streets can make it hard to figure out where you are. There is a citadel that overlooks the entire city and that's where I'm headed tomorrow. It is said to be very pretty (for a citadel) and have museums and an animal park. I'm pretty excited honestly. It's hard to describe Besançon without pictures (since me saying "it's gorgeuos!" Doesn't really paint the picture) I will be taking many pictures posting them here as soon as I can. But imagine a lot of old stone buildings and beautiful architecture. Consider me in love.

Monday, March 9, 2015

France and Waterfalls

I went hicking with Fabrice and Vivi (my aunt and uncle) today... France is so pretty 😍

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Let me explain how difficult it is to make muffins in an oven that is a invention of satan. Very difficult. 
Only supposed to be in 20-25 minutes? Ok I'll check after 12. Burned. 
Ok second round, this time temp turned down and only in for 9 minutes? Ok better but still burned on the edges.
Third round... Even lower temp and only 8 minutes... Ok these turned out ok. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Disney Heroines

So I wrote a poem the other night, I think it's pretty cute.... Tried to find most if the heroines in a couple of pictures.

Disney Heroines

One ate a poisonous apple,
One lived under the sea,
One had a glass slipper,
And wished to be free,

One slept for years,
One loved a beast,
One had a tiger,
And loved a thief,

One was just looking for apes,
One loved a frog at the end of the day,
One came to our world,
One was a sassy fae,

One was a feisty Scottish lass,
One fell to wonderland,
One joined an army,
One loved the leader of a Merry band,

One owed a debt to Hades,
One froze everything,
Her sister set her free,
One loved the lion king,

One loved a blue monster,
One lived in a video game,
One loved Experiment Six Two Six,
Who was never to blame,

One lived in the lost city of Atlantis,
One was locked in a tower itching to be free,
One loved a white man,
And wanted him to flee,

Each had her own path,
Her own quirky kin,
All dear to our hearts,
Our Disney heroines.

~Storm Heselschwerdt

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Surprise in a Tree

My mother texted me and said that my brothers were cutting down tree for fire wood, and they found this little babies 
Poor little tykes, have to find a wildlife rehab center now!