Monday, March 2, 2015

Disney Heroines

So I wrote a poem the other night, I think it's pretty cute.... Tried to find most if the heroines in a couple of pictures.

Disney Heroines

One ate a poisonous apple,
One lived under the sea,
One had a glass slipper,
And wished to be free,

One slept for years,
One loved a beast,
One had a tiger,
And loved a thief,

One was just looking for apes,
One loved a frog at the end of the day,
One came to our world,
One was a sassy fae,

One was a feisty Scottish lass,
One fell to wonderland,
One joined an army,
One loved the leader of a Merry band,

One owed a debt to Hades,
One froze everything,
Her sister set her free,
One loved the lion king,

One loved a blue monster,
One lived in a video game,
One loved Experiment Six Two Six,
Who was never to blame,

One lived in the lost city of Atlantis,
One was locked in a tower itching to be free,
One loved a white man,
And wanted him to flee,

Each had her own path,
Her own quirky kin,
All dear to our hearts,
Our Disney heroines.

~Storm Heselschwerdt

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  1. Love the poem wish we could get them out there somehow. Sent it to Disney unless there is a TM issue (?)