Thursday, March 12, 2015


Besançon..... Besançon (pronounced bay-son-son.... Again with a French accent) is one if the prettiest cities I've ever seen. I don't have pictures just yet, but I'll get some soon. It's not a city like New York or Berlin. Even the old part of Berlin doesn't really compare to Besançon. Besançon is old. Very very old. Like 1700 old. Even the "new part" (atleast what I have seen) is still pretty old. The oldest and prettiest part of the city is where all the students live. Besançon is a city full of university's and colleges. If I could speak even a lick of French I'd study here in a heartbeat. The old part of town is kind of like a catacomb.... Tall buildings left and right and small (so small only one car at a time fits down it) streets can make it hard to figure out where you are. There is a citadel that overlooks the entire city and that's where I'm headed tomorrow. It is said to be very pretty (for a citadel) and have museums and an animal park. I'm pretty excited honestly. It's hard to describe Besançon without pictures (since me saying "it's gorgeuos!" Doesn't really paint the picture) I will be taking many pictures posting them here as soon as I can. But imagine a lot of old stone buildings and beautiful architecture. Consider me in love.


  1. Well I am glad you are not speaking french jet sounds like a lot of money to me :)