Sunday, March 15, 2015

Animal Park, Besançon

So in the Citadel of Besançon there is an Ankmal Park... Something like a zoo but smaller and with more, well... Park. There are also museums here but we only had time to visit the animal related ones
This is Boris, he is from the Animal Park and died in 2012, he has been put on display in the evolution room
This is some kind of horror bird that apparently is native to America. Or Central America... I forget... But either way. It's terrifying. WHAT BIRD HAS THAT BIG OF A MOUTH AND EYES. IT COULD EAT MY SOUL. Ok it's kind of cute... It is called a Giant Potoo in English and a Ibijau Geant in French... It is a nocturnal bird and eats large beetles and sometimes even bats.
Lionslionslions! Big sis is teaching lil bro how to fight 
I want 6...
Oh snap Dad just yelled at them 
This is Dad... He ate 2 of his children last year so he is separated from his kids now.... Sounds like a good plan to me
Ok I love tigers with all my being... They're my absolute favorite... My birthday is coming up so if someone wants to give me a tiger cub... That's probably illegal, I would love to but I don't want to go I jail
I took a lot of pictures, unfortunate they're all kinda far away
I swear she was posing and looking right at me 
This is an unphotogenic kangaroo 
One of the veiws from the wall around the citadel 
A veiw across the citadel and the mountains past them... Kinda dark but still recognizable. 

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