Friday, July 3, 2015

Confessions of a 2 Day Middle Schooler

So yesterday and today I had the honor of being a 7th grader. 
Anni Hilderbrant is my Oma's neighbor here in Dreetz, Germany. When she found out I've never been to school she talked to a few teachers an got them to allow me to join in for 2 days.

My conclusion would be:
1) I suddenly sympathize with public schoolers because the wake up time to get to school is brutal.

2) Probably because I have never been made to go to school everyday, I felt like there was a lot of breaks and waiting around. Like damn y'all here to learn let's do that already.

3) 7th grade was like 6 years ago for me but I still could rock the curriculum.

4) I am pretty sure they feed some children steroids because damn some were big.

5) At least 5 of the teachers didn't realize I was American, because I've apparently learned to hide my accent. That really doesn't have anything to do with school, I'm just proud that I've got the Berliner dialect down.

6) Gym was deffiently the most fun out of the entire 2 days and I dont know why so many kids complain about it....

7) French was not so fun. French sucked.

8) No one had lockers (because you have to pay for them) which I thought was weird until I was informed by an American friend that apparently American schools don't have lockers either anymore.

9) Tv is full of lies. Lockers in the schools my ass.

10) Besides the lack of sports and social life.... Thank God I was homeschooled. I complain at waking up at 8:30...