Monday, May 25, 2015

Abs..... Abs..... Abs

So for the last week I've been sick so mostly I've been coughing and watching tv.... Lazy lazy.... So today I start this challenge and we will see how it goes!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Schloss Hohenschwangau

Ludwig the first built this castle and Ludwig the second (the crazy king) as well as his younger brother (who was determined crazy at age 12 and locked away) grew up here in Schloss Hohenschwangau.
It's a really beautiful castle 
Standing down below 
A swan fountain 
Side veiw ft. Old Man
I'm not really sure what this is.... A window I guess
Lion fountain 
Looks kinda like a 5 star hotel
Weird lil fountain with a man holding two swans 
Door way I entered in
So again no pics allowed. 
Stary ceiling.... Pretended I was texting ;)
The walls were all painted really nicely 
Uhm the floor cuz sometimes it's hard being a spy.
Tried to get a shot of the chandilier..... It was shaped as golden swans 
And the one window we were allowed to take pictures out of!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Green Tea

Green tea.... Something that we should all be drinking more often (1-2 times a day... Healthier of course without sugar) and you will get used to the taste... I actually quite like it now.
There are many benefits to drinking green tea. The link below has a lot of the benefits... Such as helping immune system, helping weight loss, stronger nails and nicer skin and hair.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Animal Friends

These are all pics of the animal friends I've made in the last week
Cow named Mirabella
Mirabella and her buddies 
Coll ass crow named Jack in the park
And a weird turkey thing in the zoo... Imma call her Kaitlyn

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hiking to Beauty

So today I partially hiked and partially rode a ski lift with my Oma (grandma) to the top of Mount Jenner... 1800 km high!
One of my fav pics... Featuring Konigssee (Kings lake) down there
The veiw is just gorgeous
Mountains, mountains, mountains!
A bunch of little towns but I don't know all the names

A little outlook I passed
Just look at all this prettiness 
Still some snow up here
This is from the edge of Konigssee
This looks like a movie set for a horse movie...
Every Horse Movie Ever:
Daughter: "I want a horse"
Dad: "I haven't touched a horse since your mother... Since your mother..."
Daughter: "dad give us a chance"
Dad: "no"
Daughter: *trains with horse anyways*
Horse: *accidently does something wrong/gets scared the one time dad pays attention*
Dad: "it's a wild beast we're sending it away"
Daughter: *runs away with horse but runs into trouble and gets saved*
Dad: "I love you"
Horse: *wins race*
Dad: "ok the horse can stay"
Daughter: "omg thank you I love you"
Horse: *whinies*
The End
More Konigssee
A little island 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Neuschwanstein, Germany

So I finally got to see my castle.... My great great great grandpa Karl Heselschwerdt worked here and was a fav of good ole King Ludwig the second the crazy king. Dad, I'll take you with me next time I see it :D
First veiw of the castle from a moving car
Fairytale Castle guys 
Now Ludwig the first just built these castles for fun... These weren't meant in anyway to defend 

The grand enterence 
First veiw when walking through the gates
I'm so in love
The Opposite wall of the last picture 
A model of the castle, front veiw 
Side with front veiw 
Rear veiw 
And the other side veiw
Ok so technically you aren't allowed to take pics on the inside but I'm sneaky...... Also this is why the pics aren't that great. Ludwig #2 built a freaking cave in his castle.... He just up and decided he wanted a fake cave
Blue and pink lights in this cave
Sneaky veiw of the ceiling.... 
Uh.... Grand ball room... Kind of
Apparntly not only did Walt Disney love the castle he also loved this painting of the woods and it inspired Bambi... If you believe the tour guide.
Yeah... Sorry sneaky pics are hard
We were allowed to take pics of the kitchen though 
Here are some copper pots
And more copper pots 
Ok Ludwig loved swans an there are literally swans in every room if not like 30 swans and this is a normal water faucet 
Pretty doors
Another part of the kitchen.

And that concludes our tour of Neuschwanstein!! Have a good day!!