Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Neuschwanstein, Germany

So I finally got to see my castle.... My great great great grandpa Karl Heselschwerdt worked here and was a fav of good ole King Ludwig the second the crazy king. Dad, I'll take you with me next time I see it :D
First veiw of the castle from a moving car
Fairytale Castle guys 
Now Ludwig the first just built these castles for fun... These weren't meant in anyway to defend 

The grand enterence 
First veiw when walking through the gates
I'm so in love
The Opposite wall of the last picture 
A model of the castle, front veiw 
Side with front veiw 
Rear veiw 
And the other side veiw
Ok so technically you aren't allowed to take pics on the inside but I'm sneaky...... Also this is why the pics aren't that great. Ludwig #2 built a freaking cave in his castle.... He just up and decided he wanted a fake cave
Blue and pink lights in this cave
Sneaky veiw of the ceiling.... 
Uh.... Grand ball room... Kind of
Apparntly not only did Walt Disney love the castle he also loved this painting of the woods and it inspired Bambi... If you believe the tour guide.
Yeah... Sorry sneaky pics are hard
We were allowed to take pics of the kitchen though 
Here are some copper pots
And more copper pots 
Ok Ludwig loved swans an there are literally swans in every room if not like 30 swans and this is a normal water faucet 
Pretty doors
Another part of the kitchen.

And that concludes our tour of Neuschwanstein!! Have a good day!! 


  1. GREAT pics! My favorite neck of the woods in Germany..Bavaria..well one of my favs. Darian and I didn't get to see the grotto. Very cool, very sneaky pics! Love this post! I'm voting "best post" of the far! Lol!

  2. I LOVE NEUSCHWANSTEIN!!!! great pics Storm! We were there when it was snow, it was very pretty but COLD. :)

  3. Great pictures looks like you are having fun hope you have enough time to see some more burgen und schloesser

  4. I love that castle! Do you get any pictures of the lake behind the castle? I wish Karl did not have morels and said "OK, Ludwig, I will be the next king of Bavaria. Just because you want me to be".