Sunday, May 3, 2015


"Port wine stains", "stork bites", "angels kisses", "moles", "café-au-lait spots". Sound familiar? They are all birthmarks. Most people have some form of birthmark. Sometimes they are desired and admired (a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe beauty spot), but not always. Many with birthmarks are self conscious of them, especially for cosmetic reasons. Most birthmarks are harmless but there is a genuine case for worry, regard to some forms of birthmarks, which could be a sign of a medical disorder such as malignant melanoma .

So, what is a birthmark? It is an unusual mark or blemish on the skin at birth. It could be permanent or fade and disappear few years after birth. Even to this day, there is very little knowledge about their occurrence. There are many "old wives tales" with regard to the cause of birthmarks such as stress or an unforeseen traumatic experience during pregnancy. One such 'popular' explanation is as follows. "A woman frightened by fire put her hand up to her face and there was a red spot on one side of the child's face when it was born."

I prefer the "therory" that "birthmarks are signs of how you died in your last life." Now I know some people don't believe in past lives but I do so I guess I was stabbed in the side. 

I have a "cafe-au-lait" spot..... I actually thought that was the most common but apparently Strawberry marks are the most common. Most Strawberry marks actually dissapear by age 10 though so this might explain why I thought cafe-au-lait was most common. 

There is of course plenty of scientific explanations and just as many old wives tales. I still prefer my "past life" idea but here are a couple of wives tales.

• A mouse touched your mother when she was pregnant with you 

• In Greece, they say that if a pregnant woman yearns strongly for something but cant have it, the next part of her body that she will touch with her fingers will be where the child will carry an image of her desire.

• When a pregnant woman watches something burn (I.e. House, car, building) the baby will be born with a birthmark 

• The birthmark is where an angel kissed you

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  1. I was stabbed in the lower back twice in my pass life. There is evidence of it now. I must of really made some one mad to stab me in the back.