Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hiking to Beauty

So today I partially hiked and partially rode a ski lift with my Oma (grandma) to the top of Mount Jenner... 1800 km high!
One of my fav pics... Featuring Konigssee (Kings lake) down there
The veiw is just gorgeous
Mountains, mountains, mountains!
A bunch of little towns but I don't know all the names

A little outlook I passed
Just look at all this prettiness 
Still some snow up here
This is from the edge of Konigssee
This looks like a movie set for a horse movie...
Every Horse Movie Ever:
Daughter: "I want a horse"
Dad: "I haven't touched a horse since your mother... Since your mother..."
Daughter: "dad give us a chance"
Dad: "no"
Daughter: *trains with horse anyways*
Horse: *accidently does something wrong/gets scared the one time dad pays attention*
Dad: "it's a wild beast we're sending it away"
Daughter: *runs away with horse but runs into trouble and gets saved*
Dad: "I love you"
Horse: *wins race*
Dad: "ok the horse can stay"
Daughter: "omg thank you I love you"
Horse: *whinies*
The End
More Konigssee
A little island 


  1. I forgot how incredible that view is. It is amazing place to spend the day or longer. Was there a long twisted road leading down to the valley and Konigssee?

  2. It's why Germany and the Alps are ingrained in my mind and heart! So lucky you're getting this chance to is all good!

  3. really incredible views and love love love the lake! are the ripples in the lake from Nessie? the lockness monster? I know wrong continent, but maybe it's her fairweather cousin Nester?

  4. Now you should know why I prefer the hills of Tennessee over the flats of Michigan of course the weather in the mountains can be quite challenging So the hills of Tennessee have to do