Friday, March 27, 2015


Dreams are pretty crazy. Most have some kind of meaning. Dreaming about looking for shoes? Means you're trying to find your way in life. Dreaming about a swimming pool filled with chocolate pudding and infested with polar bears and you have to cross it to get your shoes you forgot? I have no idea, let me know when you decipher that one...

Some dreams are just about weird things like watching tv or looking for childhood friends in a swamp and it turns out all of you are actually in a secret group that defends baby ducks. Some dreams are violent like a dream about having a army of zombies that take over villages and burn them to ground while you watch and laugh. While others are about picking flowers for a tea party at a castle you were invited too. And some are awful and you wake up worried and missing someone or something. 
Below are pictures of my dog. Yes, I know, she's adorable. Chiana (or Chi or Cheech or Chichi) is a Pitbul/Great Dane cross. Last night I had a dream someone tried to kill her by locking her in a van and pushing the van in a frozen lake. To be honest this quiet upset me.  Actually after getting my baby out of the van and drying her off, I ended up fighting with then stabbing the woman who tried to kill her and had been killing dogs for the last few weeks. In my defense she attacked me first with a toaster oven. 
So basically this is a "I miss my dog" post  and my family should hug her for me and give her like 2689643 treats.
Post bath doggie close up
Wiggle-bunny can't take a pic
Seriously she moves so much I only have like 2 good pics of her.

Wildy wiggling and nose licking

And that's all folks

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  1. Hmm she got a raw egg for breakfast and was allowed of the leash for a while to play with Gypsy but she is doing great and is putting on weight
    Love ya