Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Dom in Havelberg

A Dom is a church specially for the duke or lord of the land... I actually can't remember the duke or lord or whoever of this Dom tho.... It is an Evangelic church tho... A little simpler made and not as full of gold and paint as a Catholic Church.  
I really like the ceilings and the floors
This is like a walk way that take you too the church itself 
Now I'm inside the church
I think this the same door just a slightly different angle
Ok here are the pews and up there is Jesus on the cross, and the light shines right on him
It's really hard to get a good picture of Jesus... The light was a little too bright 
One of the many stain glass windows
Another window
Wow... I'm just... Wow...
Actually I don't really know the technical terms for everything.... But it's really cool
We think this is the Bishop
There's a lot of detail here 
Honestly I would love to live in an old church 
The organ..... It's huge.... 
The courtyard..... I love this tree. It's all storybook and old and wise looking
Slightly different angle
It was so eroded we couldn't read who's graves these are
All romantic andpicturesque 


  1. Cool old church, how old is it? and where was this?

  2. Well the only thing I can think right now is HEATING cost brr I am cold today so even the Dom looks warmer than the weather here Keep the pics coming :)