Friday, February 27, 2015

Little Tribute to my Slicky Man

So yesterday my brothers pony (Slicky) past away from colic. I wasn't there for it but I would like to share a poem and picture of our dear pony. He helped my brother get over a fear of riding... Walking slowly an surely so that Thoren felt comfertable and safe.  Slick was a sweety and I'm so sorry that he had to move on already.... Have fun in heaven baby, say hi too all our friends and give Repechep a kiss for me 😘 :-* miss and love you Slicky man.


You will always be in our hearts,
Always in our thoughts
A part of us for ever more,
Such a sweet guy you were,

We will miss you so very much,
Please know that you are loved,
Now lay to rest and close your eyes,
And be at peace with the earth,

You helped a young boy get over his fear,
You helped him become brave,
Forever we are in your debt,
You helped in so many ways,

We now say goodbye,
We wish you the best,
Have fun in the green pastures of heaven,
And be happy for that's what we wish.


  1. Beautiful poem Storm he was the best I will miss him very much

    1. Love you mom... Here's a hug for you ~(•^•)~