Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Berlin Daytrip :P

So guess where I ventured today....
Brandenburger gate.... So many people
Lil closer up

This is basically the German White House
So many people useing "selfie sticks" I was trying to take a secret pic
This is the Holocaust Menorial
Honestly it's beautiful 
Hard to describe really 
They get so tall
I'm 5'10 and these babies were still a good 5 feet taller then me
"Venus Pool"
A giant pink rock...
That says "love" on it in three diffrent languages!!!
"The Global Stone Project (www.globalstone.de) consists of ten stones (groups). Five stones lying in a circle in Berlin, the other five lying on the five continents of their ancestry. Once a year on June 21st, the sun connects all the stones by reflection. Out of global consciousness for peace the viewer is requested of free will to see the five invisible lines of light that match the stones together and with his active imagination to a circle to join as a symbol of a united humanity."
I love stones a lot 
I have no idea what this one says (if you know let me know in the comments)
"The stones from Ubal donated to the global stone project by the people from Sverdlovsk - region of eastern end of Europe for a better world in peace is to commemorate the meeting of president Vladimir Putin (Russia) chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (Germany) and governor Eduard Rossel (Sverdlovsk) on 08.10.2003 in Ekaterinburg"
I don't know what this one means... There was no writin on any of them 
This is really sad actually.... Mom been shot and the twin cubs climb on her body while Dad bellows at the heavens 
Tried to get a picture of this guy playing the clarinet 

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  1. Wow this is a lot to see and take in
    need to get over there and take another look Have fun