Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I will admit that I'm pretty reluctant to post any poems that I've written... Kinda worried someone will steal credit for it... But hey gotta live a little :P so let me know if you like this or think it's any good or if it could use work... Honesty helps!! 


Shadowed heart,
Sadness dies,
Lifted heart,
Brightness sighs,

Shadows dwell,
Pulling close,
Poison seeps,
Unhealthy dose,

Shadows yank,
Shadows force,
Light filters in,
Takes it's course,
Shadows reach,
Dragging down,
Teeth gnash,
Lips frown,

Mind opens,
Eyes see,
Light dawns,
Suddenly free,

Shadows die,
Writhe away,
Light conquers,
Here to stay.


  1. Love the poem and I know you have lots of more wonderful poems and stories hope you keep writing.
    I am also proud that you are keeping up this blog love all the pics and comments

  2. "Dark" poem..and very nice! Love the the pictures..helps my Heimweh!