Friday, January 30, 2015

Kyrtiz Town Center

I know a lot of stuff I post is like a history history lesson.... But it's January and it's cold so.... 

This is a depiction of Knight Basslevist and he tried to take over Kyritz twice. On the second attempt they caught him an burrows him in the town square.
"The Monastary in Kyritz was widely known for listening and teaching.
Father Mathias - Mathias Doring -1469 Kyritz. 
Provincial Director of the Ordens in Saxony County of the honorable city."
""Kyritz in the Knatter"
-Which has a posse-
Located on the Jaglitz near the Dosse. 
But the travelers did always befuddle the unceasing mill rattle."
"Carl Dierke is a son of this city and is well known. He was a teacher, school reformer, geographer and was appointed Privy Councilor and created of school cards and Dierke-Atlanten."
"The Kyritzer strong beer called "Murder" was known at the court and in Hanseatic cities. The name was also an omen and some drinking sprees ended up as scrap"
"The Kyritzer in early days created wealth through their would be. Dealers and Tailors were the first guild. They sat in the council and joined the Hanseatic bunch."
"The Franciscans who founded the Monastary here in the Kyritzer area. The weakening, sick, inform and poor had mercy with God."


  1. Thanks for the post. Love the history.

  2. Love the pictures haven't seen this part of Germany since it was behind the wall. When you back at home you can run the farm Dad and I will go to Germany:)

  3. Love your pics! Don't stop! Noticed you actually have a few PEOPLE in this batch of pics. Don't you LOVE the cobblestone streets? And they better watch out..looks like Knight Basslevist is crawling out of the ground!