Monday, January 26, 2015

FIFA-Wolrd Cup?

Found in Dreetz..... The sports center 

That's how I look in the morning...
All hail the soccer goddess

This statue is a replica of the FIFA World Cup, of the soccer world champions.
-as the ultimate goal of any soccer team- 
Will be passed to the next world cup.

The original is 36 cm high and made of solid gold and weighs 4970 kg. 

This oak replica was carved by Mr. volker schulz 2003 with the support of Oberförsterei Neustadt(Dosse).

Janni waiting on me..... "Patiently" 
"Forrest Stadium"
I'm not actually sure if we were allowed in here..... But we didn't get caught so holla
Just a soccer field 
Little place to sit and watch 
Bathrooms and such are back here


  1. Mr. Volker Schulz made a few cravings around town. Did he not?

  2. Oh..if you weren't allowed..there'd be big signs everywhere..Eintritt VERBOTEN!! You'll have to go there when they're playing. You'll know when that happens because it will be very loud! We had a field next to our house in Wurzburg...very LOUD!

  3. Re-looking at these pics and I'm thinking..hmmmmmmmm..there are NO people in this town!