Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kyritz and Wusterhausen/Dosse Jan. 2015

So today Oma and I took a shopping trip to Kyritz and Wusterhouss (Dousse)... Great architecture and crazy streets 😳
I love this house (left side veiw)
😍 (right side view)
Look at these streets damn

Down town Kyritz 
Kyritz is pronounced "cur-itz" with a German accent 
Downtown Wusterhouss (Dousse)
Still Wousterhouss 
Cute lil street 
Fairy tale trees 😍
Lil corner cafe
The houses here are adorable 


  1. Great pics! I think I pronounced Kyritz correctly, nix the German accent. lol Still I think it sounds good. Looks like you are having a great time! How could you not! ;-)

  2. Lol! "With a German accent!" Du habst Schnee! Brrrrrrr. Love the pics! Keep 'em coming!