Sunday, June 28, 2015

DIY Coffee Sugar Cellulite Bars

So summer is here... And yet again cellulite anxiety starts to kick in. And while it's obvious that the main tools to use in anyone's anti-cellulite/awesome body/badass figure fight are healthy nutrition, plenty of water and exercising, I thought it might be a good tip to share this homemadecoffee anti-cellulite serum and sugar coffee scrubs... Credit for the tip (because I did just find it) does go to Maria Sself 💖

1. Yummy Coffee Sugar Scrubbing:

I really like the idea of having scrubs in bars like that for two reasons
  • First of all, your sugar and coffee doesn't fall down the moment you apply them on your skin and you can easily scrub the bar all over your thighs. 
  • Secondly, when we make regular non-bar scrubs we have to put a lot of oil to hold ingredients together and that oil then ends up in the bath tub making the tub slippery and really hazardous! (although these bar scrubs also make the tub a bit slippery - yet much less)
So, scrub bars are DEFINITELY the way to go, especially since they are super easy to make.

  • 1 cup Ground Coffee - unflavored! - coffee stimulates the blood to circulate more to the area where you apply it, helps pull out toxins and fatty deposits. 
  • 1 cup Sugar - Pure Cane Sugar is good, since it's neither too coarse nor too fine - great to stimulate the skin.
  • 4 tbsp Ground Cinnamon - improves blood circulation, accelerates cell metabolism - and it makes the scrubs smell pretty yummy as well
  • 2 tbsp Baking Soda - perfect for exfoliation 
  • 2 tbsp Corn Starch
  • 2 tbsp Cocoa Butter - great moisturizer plus it adds a chocolate scent to the scrubs

    Mix together all the dry ingredients (coffee, sugar, cinnamon, baking soda and corn starch). Then put cocoa butter in a small pan. Take a frying pan, pour some water in it, put it on the stove on medium heat and then place your pan with butter into the frying pan so that it melts and becomes liquid. Once it’s melted, mix it very well with the dry ingredients.Then take a spray bottle, pour just a little bit of water and spritz your mixture to make it slightly damp. Then put into your molds - A helpful tip is to use cupcake molds (You can also put a few coffee beans at the bottom, and if you decide to use coffee beans also, please don't forget to use a drain hair stopper in the tub). To prevent them from sticking to the molds, rub some cocoa butter cream left overs from the pan onto the surface of the molds - definitely helps.
    Then leave the scrubs to dry in the molds overnight. After popping them out of the molds, let them sit for a few more hours with their coffee bean bottom up to let it dry completely. Then store the scrubs in a sealable container/glass jar. Though I am guessing zip lock bags work as well.

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