Friday, April 24, 2015

My New Body Art :D

So.... I finally got my body art. And I think it's absolutely stunning... Alex at Painful Steel in Spandau, Berlin did an amazing job!! Also how badass is it that I got my tat at a place called 'Painful Steel'.... So badass
A lot of people think it's big, but I've seen bigger so I don't wanna hear it ;)
See? Not that big 
It wasn't painful, a little irritating... Some spots where like "WHOAAAH" but it was over fast... Let's just pray it heals wonderfully :) 
If you're ever in Berlin.... Call ahead and book an appointment with Alex... Or try... The man is booked solid this year :)


  1. I found it..Hindu symbol for "aum" or Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lol. Hope it heals nicely or is it a Henna tattoo..semi temporary!?

    1. Well it's... Permanent... It's a normal tattoo... It's for life... And I hope it heals great too :)