Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Creepy Edition

None of these are written by me.... But I like them... These are some of the soft core stories ;)
Crazy relatives... We all have at least one
Ok this one is pretty... Uhm...
This one is kinda funny
Sad, sad, sad
Creepy, creepy, creeepppyy 
This one is a little... Interesting 
Option 3, I think 


  1. Love story number 1 and 4 rest are creepy

    1. The one about the little girl and fingers makes me laugh a lot...

  2. I had some friends who were writers, back in my Art School/college years. You know..a hundred years ago. One used to come over and read me his stories. One was about some teenaged boys who went walking through a or crabbing or something. They got in leeches. They had so many leeches on them they looked like they had black boots on! Now..that's creepy!